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About Us

‘On your team’ isn’t just a motto – it’s in our DNA. Putting sought-after experts, trusted advice, and a menu of lucrative avenues in the palm of your hands, we’ll become your dedicated team, guiding you through the full A-to-Z. Unlocking tax-free income, a world of growth opportunities, and a life that many could only dream of, it’s more than a menu of services. It’s the start of your growth era. 

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Our Journey

We’ve been there. Having made the leap from the UK to Dubai, Elite Top Consulting was founded to press ‘reset’ on the current visa application process, from the long waits for updates to the lack of trusted advice available. To us, we offer far more than a deep understanding of the process. We’re a team who truly understands your thoughts, feelings, and apprehensions, putting our hand-selected experts in your corner. 

Our Approach

To our team, it’s our calling – not our job. We’re often referred to as vision-realisers and life-changers, but in our view, it’s just another day of steering our clients towards their wildest goals. With a boots-on-the-ground presence, a rich local network, and vast experience taking on the UAE visa process, we act as the link between you and the life, career, and future you want. No hassle, no exceptions.


How Can We Help?

A business owner set to tap into local talent. An individual looking for more from life. A go-getter seeking a helping hand starting a company abroad. Whoever you are, and whatever you need, we’re confident we have a powerful service to suit.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve Been There

We set out to be the difference that we wanted to see – and with our tried-and-tested processes and drive to make a difference in tow, we’ve done just that. Having gone through the Dubai visa process, we don’t just know the intricacies of the application. We know how to move you towards the finish line quickly, carefully, and without a hitch. Always.

We’re Big On Convenience

In our view, visa applications don’t have to be daunting. We understand that most applicants face a melting pot of disorganisation and confusion, without sufficient guidance. At Elite Top Consulting, we’re flipping that 180°, and putting our own stamp on it. Combining open lines of communication with our commitment to professionalism, we’re spearheading a new age of applications that run exactly as they should: like clockwork.

We’ll Cut Through The Noise

At our core, we’re responsible for making the complex simple. Helping you navigate the often-tumultuous UAE waters, we’ll fast-track the visa process, avoiding pushbacks, overcoming roadblocks, and streamlining your path towards your new life – stress-free and ready for change. No obstacles. No hidden fees. Just your next chapter, at your fingertips.

We’re On Your Team

Put simply, we won’t just hear you – we’ll truly listen. Balancing rich expertise and vast experience with our drive to leave lasting impressions, we’ll be by your side through the moments that count. It’s who we are; motivated by simplicity, focused on complete peace of mind, and centred on creating seamless customer experiences, viewing ourselves as your personal visa partner.

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