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UAE Property Visa

Turn your dreams of living in one of the most profitable investment destinations into a reality with the UAE property visa. We make obtaining this life-altering permit effortless and secure so that you can experience all that this incredible city has to offer!


UAE Property Visa Criteria

UAE Property Visa Criteria

In order to secure a 10-year property visa in UAE, you will need to do the following:

  • A minimum investment of AED 2 million must be invested in up to three properties. If taking out a mortgage, the bank will require at least an equal amount (AED 2 million) as the property value. Once you've completed your investment, it must remain intact and active for at least three years before applying for the UAE property visa.

Dubai city - amazing city center skyline and famous Jumeirah beach at sunset, United Arab

Are you wondering about applying for a UAE Property Visa?

For investors seeking to augment their wealth and enrich their lives, the property visa in Dubai is undoubtedly your best bet. Already equipped with a reliable passageway of entry into the UAE, you can rest assured that living there will be stress-free and hassle-free!

To make your dreams of living in the city of gold a reality, all you need is the right amount of effort and dedication. Elite Top Consulting will provide you with the necessary assistance to complete all the necessary steps – from selecting properties to securing visas.

Our team of dedicated professionals will ensure that every step is made easier for you so that you can focus on your future and enjoy living in the UAE.

How it works

A UAE property visa is surprisingly straightforward to acquire, and with our assistance, it can be even more accessible.


If you're looking for a shrewd investment opportunity, buying real estate in the UAE and applying for a property owner visa in Dubai would be a worthwhile consideration.

Benefits of Property Visa UAE

As a real estate investor, you can take advantage of the enormous advantages bestowed by UAE Authorities for those who invest in their country.


  • You can submit an application for a UAE driving license

  • No need for any local sponsors

  • You can travel visa-free to some countries

  • Enjoy living in one of the most rapidly growing economies in the Middle East

  • You can sponsor your dependents


Process of UAE Property Visa

Secure the necessary paperwork, including your property deed, to complete this process.


Our team is committed to helping you get the most out of your application and will take it one step further by submitting it to local authorities for approval.

Let Elite Top Consulting help you acquire your UAE property visa swiftly and efficiently!

Requirements for obtaining the Property Visa

  • Title deed certificate

  •  Emirates ID

  •  Health insurance

  •  Paying the fees for the investor visa Dubai cost

  •  Investor’s original passport

  •  Passport size photograph

  •  NOC (if applicable)

  •  Bank letter mentioning the amount paid


Why Choose Elite Top Consulting

Elite Top Consulting is the optimal solution for obtaining a Dubai residence visa if you are a property owner. Our knowledgeable team will provide reliable advice about which UAE property visa best suits your needs.

For many years, we have been helping investors accurately collect their documents and apply for an appropriate property visa in order to live out their dream of basking in this prosperous economy!

We take pride in our excellent customer service, providing all the necessary support for a stress-free application process. Therefore, choosing Elite Top Consulting allows you to smoothly navigate the complex paperwork and bureaucracy of obtaining your UAE property visa.

We'll make sure it is a hassle-free experience from start to finish!

How to Apply

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Why Choose Elite Top for Visa Services

1. Experienced Professionals

Our experienced professionals are here to help you with all your needs, with everything from the initial visa application to the final emirates ID and medical checks. We will make sure that each step of the process happens smoothly, so you can relax and enjoy your years in the UAE!

2. High-Quality Services

We offer quality services at economical prices and ensure that everything is taken care of in the most efficient way possible. We work extremely closely with the highest officials with the government and various ministries of Dubai.

3. Transparency

At Elite Top Consulting, we make sure that our clients are well-informed throughout the process and that there is complete transparency, so you know exactly what to expect.

4. Comprehensive Support

We provide comprehensive support every step of the way! We'll assign a single point of contact on our staff to serve as your Account Manager and work closely with you throughout the whole process. Our Account Manager will guide you through the entire process and ensure that you are well-informed.

5. Flexible Solutions

We provide a full range of services to help you get started, from health insurance and visa applications to billing and more. We provide tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs, making your visa application process easier.

6. Personalized Assistance

Our team is always ready to assist you with personalized advice for your UAE Visa application to succeed.

You may contact us at or by Whatsapp at +971 58 527 1555.

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