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Visa Approval News
  • Is it Legal for me to Freelance?
    Elite Top Consulting operates a Ministry of Labour License that permits our Visa Holders to work at multiple clients. Choosing to working under our Freelancer program means that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are legally working as a Freelancer.
  • What’s the validity of the freelance permit?
    The permit is renewable on an annual basis, or every two years depending on the visa you apply for.
  • If I currently have a full time job, can I apply for a freelance permit only?
    Yes, you just need to provide a NOC letter from your sponsor and/or employer.
  • What is the cost of applying for a visa?
    It depends on the type of visa you require. You can discuss your options with our experts. Typically visa cost range between 5000 AED to 12000 AED depending on the visa.
  • Are application fees refundable?
    All fees related to the application for a permit are non-refundable.
  • Can I apply for a freelancer visa without being in UAE?
    Yes you can apply for a freelancer visa while Outside of the UAE. You however require to enter the UAE within 60 Days of the visa Issuance to complete the procedure to have it stamped in your passport. Failure to enter within 60 days may results in a forfeiting of the Visa, and the application will need to be reapplied bearing the entire cost once again
  • Who will be my point of contact if I need to follow up on my application status?
    A dedicated account manager will be asssigned to you, and will guide you through entire process and keep you updated throughout.
  • I have a fulltime job and I am sponsored by my company. I would like to freelance on the weekends, how can Elite Top Consulting help?
    Full time employees are permitted to take up part-time freelancing opportunities. A individual in such a scenario requires an NOC from the primary employer and the freelancer self sponsored package to ensure legal compliance.
  • What does a No Object Certificate (NOC) mean?
    If you are sponsored and employed by another company, and you decide to leave that company in order to obtain the freelance permit, the company will need to issue a release letter of no objection (NOC) for you to apply for the freelance permit. If you have already cancelled your visa then the NOC will not be required; only the visa cancellation page. If you are sponsored by your spouse or parent to reside in the UAE, you only need a letter of no objection (NOC) from them. You are not required to change your visa status.
  • Can I sponsor any employees?
    No, you can’t hire or sponsor any employees via your freelance permit.
  • Can I sponsor my family member under a freelancer visa? How long is the process of getting the family member/s?
    To sponsor your family, freelancers require a ministry of labour contract that mentions a minimum monthly salary of AED 4,000. Freelancers who wish to sponsor their families will need to place a salary of 4000 or higher. The salary mentioned will be invoiced to the freelancer on a monthly basis. Freelancers will then have to pay their monthly listed salary + Vat and the salary amount will be transferred back to them to their bank accounts, through the Wage protection system every month.
  • How much time will it take to get the permit?
    Once your application has been approved, it should take between 10 – 15 working days.
  • Can I travel in and Out of the UAE while under a freelancer visa?
    Visa Holders can travel In and Out of the UAE with no restrictions. Visa holders must ensure to not stay outside of the UAE for a period exceeding 6 months at a time, in order to keep the visa valid as per immigration regulations. Visa Holders who stay out of the UAE for over 6 months will face an automatic visa cancellations as per UAE Immigrations Guidelines.
  • Am I eligible to Apply for a Driving License under a freelancer visa?
    Yes you are eligible to apply for a driving license with the visa provied by Elite Top Consulting. Driving license eligibility is limited to Dubai and Abu Dhabi depending on which jurisdiction you choose for your visa. An NOC letter is required from Elite Top Consulting in order to apply for your driving license and is provided on request for an administrative fee of AED 60.
  • Am I allowed to use a company name?
    No. The freelance permit is issued under your name only.
  • When applying for my salary certificate, what amount do I declare?
    For the purpose of getting a salary certificate you will need to provide an estimate on what your expected salary could be. This certificate may be required for opening a bank account or sponsoring your dependents.
  • Do I then need to put the same amount into my bank account?
    It is not necessary to deposit the same amount into your bank account.
  • Am I allowed to register for VAT?
    If you are making between AED 187,500 per year and AED 375,000 per year then you may register for VAT if you choose to. If you make more than AED 375,000 per year, you must register for VAT. For more information, please visit If you don’t register, it’s always a good idea to keep good accounts just in case the policy changes in the future.
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