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Why Are So Many People Moving To Dubai?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

In recent years, Dubai has become one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, with nearly 16 million visitors a year. This makes it the fourth most-visited city in the world; however, it is not only a great spot for your next vacation. The population of the region is booming, growing by 1.2% over the last 12 months alone, making it one of the fastest-growing regions in the world.

The United Arab Emirates is becoming a hotspot for expats from across the globe as individuals move to the area in seek of prosperity. What makes Dubai so popular, though, and why are so many people moving there? In this blog, we thought we would look at some of the most popular reasons why you should consider relocating…

What are the benefits of moving to Dubai?

Moving is always a big step to make, especially when it involves relocating to another country. However, moving to Dubai is an incredibly attractive prospect for individuals and can provide an array of benefits, including:

1) Fantastic job opportunities

One of the most attractive reasons to move to Dubai is that it offers individuals a fantastic chance to further their careers. The city has become a gateway to the world, connecting east with west and establishing itself as a global hub for business.

From manufacturing and transport to technology and finance, every kind of industry is represented in the city, and many of the world’s leading brands and organisations now call it home.

This means that relocating to Dubai can help you accelerate your career by allowing you to take advantage of one of the many job opportunities on offer.

2) Tax-free earnings

Of course, it is not just about progressing your career. Relocating to Dubai can also help you to earn more money. While it might sound too good to be true, your earnings in Dubai will be entirely tax-free! That means you will be able to put more money back into your pockets with every pay check.

Alongside tax-free earnings, the Emirates is also an incredibly affordable place to live. There is also no tax on things such as food, drinks and other goods, which means a careful spending plan can help you to save huge sums in just a few years. However, it is advisable that you speak with the experts to confirm your tax residency; otherwise, you might find yourself having to pay income or capital tax in your home country.

3) High standard of living

Dubai has an incredibly high standard of living compared to many other countries in the world. The city plays host to some of the world’s most exquisite restaurants, and you can find almost every cuisine imaginable represented somewhere. After sampling that food, you can then dance the night away at some fantastic clubs and bars.

It is not all about going out, though. Dubai is also home to some world-leading sports facilities, luxurious shops, and countless amenities. That ensures you and your family can enjoy exceptional living quality throughout your stay.

Healthcare and education standards are also incredibly high in Dubai, rivalling anywhere else in the world. That means if you are bringing your children with you when you relocate to Dubai, you can rest assured that they are going to be receiving the best care and support possible.

4) Breath-taking views

When you think of Dubai, chances are one of the first things that spring to mind is one of the city’s instantly recognisable buildings. However, while it does have a bustling urban space that features modern and exciting architecture, it also sits directly on the south eastern coast of the Persian Gulf.

That means when you want to escape, you are only a short walk or drive away from some spectacular sandy beaches, incredible mountains or fantastic natural parks. Relocating to Dubai really is a wonderful blend of modern urban lifestyle and relaxed rural living, something that is hard to find in any other city in the world.

5) Unrivalled safety

Moving to a new country is naturally a very nerve-wracking time as you get accustomed to the culture and lifestyle. However, you can have complete peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be safe, with Dubai being ranked the second safest city in the world.

Thanks to stringent laws, impartial justice systems and the embracement of modern technology, the city is incredibly safe for all ages and cultures. Another common misconception is that life is very restrictive, with residents unable to drink alcohol or wear what they like. However, that is not true, and it is actually a very modern and progressive place.

6) Exceptional properties

Are you tired of having to pay sky-high rent for a small flat? Moving to Dubai will help you unlock a far greater property for your money. The city is packed with incredible properties of all sizes, which ensures that no matter your budget or the size of your family, you will always be able to find the perfect space you can call home.

7) Location

Dubai is a genuine transport hub, with the airport recently being ranked the third busiest in the world. With connections flying to every corner of the globe, it is easy to holiday or return home to see friends and family in a matter of hours. That means you can start to explore more of the world around you with ease, enjoying an almost endless array of possibilities.

8) The weather

On average, there are just 22.8 days a year of rain in Dubai, which means it is a wonderful location for those who love warm and sunny climates. Although temperatures can rise in the summer months, everywhere is air-conditioned, which means you can easily avoid the high temperatures. Between September and May, the cooler and breezier weather arrives, which makes it very pleasant and allows you to spend all day outside.

9) Cultural melting pot

Around 80% of the city’s residents were born overseas, which means it is a thriving and vibrant melting pot of cultures. So if you love living in a diverse and wonderful community, then Dubai is a wonderful destination that will allow you to broaden your world view and make friends for life.

Ready to discover the benefits of moving to Dubai?

There can be no denying that relocating to Dubai can provide your family with a whole range of benefits, and if you are looking to discover them yourself, Elite Top Consulting is here to help you. Our highly experienced team have helped hundreds of families unlock their dream vision and create a lucrative and highly successful life in this unbeatable city.

So no matter whether you are an individual looking to get more from life, a business seeking local talent, or a go-getter eager to give your family the best start in life, get in touch with our consultants today and start your next chapter!

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